Roulette System - Is it possible to win with a roulette system?

The winning strategy for roulette is to always pick black, and double your bet each time. You have a 48% chance of winning, and while doubling your bet each time, you will net $1 per win.
Don't quadruple, because you still only net $1 per win, but you'll go broke quickly on a streak.
This strategy works so well that most casinos will kick you out after the third bet if they notice you're using it. Even online casinos will now ban people for using this trick.

roulette is a memory less game. any casino that would kick you out for doing that is run by idiots.

On the flip side, I have heard of a way that you can possibly beat the game with a roulette system. The theory goes like this: each croupier has a certain throw style. If you know where the ball is released, certain parts of the wheel have a greater chance of being landed on than others. Since you are allowed to bet after the ball is thrown, observe where the ball is released, then bet on the corresponding parts of the wheel that are most likely to come up. In order to pull this off, you would need a large amount of data on a particular croupier. So, record where the ball is released and where it ends up, then calculate the "offset" (distance from ending point to the starting point). Once you've seen hundreds or thousands of throws, you should have a probability distribution for each offset. Given that you have the roulette wheel memorized, when the croupier releases, bet on the numbers with the most probable offsets.

The one underlying assumption is that the throw style of the croupier impacts where the ball lands. I have no idea if that is true (I have heard it is but who really knows), but if it is everything I said is correct. The other catch is you will need to observe a particular croupier for hours. I am guessing this will look suspicious and CAN get you kicked out of a casino.

Casinos know that game and have set the odds in their favor, this the maximum limit and minimum limit.

I have done that strategy and have won some, and lost some as well. You'd be surprised how many reds come up in a row when your betting black.

Ion Saliu's Super Roulette Strategy And The Best Roulette Systems ever released are now freeware, free. Special Martingale betting at roulette. A lot of gambling and roulette system vendors are badly hurt by Ion Saliu's systems. The hateful developers and authors try their worst to push Ion Saliu out of this business.

The Static and Dynamic Betting Palette

This is a great feature and probably one of the most used MMM feature. MMM work using a martingale roulette system, he is betting from 1$ to 128$ units to win each time a profit of 1$ per win. So you initially need a bankroll of minimum 255$. The static betting palette enable you to choose where to bet from the first to eight betting you have to do. So if you set the first bet to RED if the ball drop on a BLACK then the tool will bet RED if the ball drop on BLACK. So you can set those from bet 1 to 8. At the 8th bet if you still lose then MMM will popup a message saying that he is analyzing the situation and recommend you to bet either on BLACK or RED. Something, it cannot recommend anything well this is because of the ZERO which is not BLACK and not RED. The Dynamic Betting palette is like the static one but a bit more complex. It enable you to set index and the palette change every spins depending on your roulette system configuration.

Collecting Numbers The R2 Project

The MMM tool is all about working together. We have a goal using the tool and it is to win. However, we need help from everyone to do so. We need help to collect numbers and this is what the R2 project stand on. We are working to make the analysis to work in REAL MODE. Our objective is to beat the RNG (Numbers generator) of an online casino by finding winning sequences. You may join the R2 project by purchasing a license for only 97$! This is not big if you consider that you can earn even more from this project. So think about it! So to collect number you have to press the REC button at top of the MMM tool and select the casino and how much numbers you want to collect. Then later you can press stop to send the numbers to our analysis server.

"I don't bet every spin I only bet when a certain thing happens."

Thats what I used to do too. My problem was getting greedy, for a while I was ok using the 500 chips with this roulette system and would make X amount a time and stop while ahead.

I had one bad night and instead of accepting it, I chased, and chased.....I ended up making just $300.

The problem is that although you'll make a pretty solid increase bit by bit when you hit, the one time you bust it's a HUGE bust. So you may win a couple bucks each time, but the one time you lose you're losing basically double the limit (limit+(1/2)*limit+(1/4)*limit+(1/8)*limit+...) and it happens more than 1 in 2*limit. Long story short, would you bet on a weighted 99-1 coin where if it comes up the 99% side you win $1 and if it lands on the 1 side you lose $200? That's basically what you're doing with this roulette system. The vast majority of the time you win, but the way you're playing it is -ev, which is obvious because no series of -ev bets can turn into a +ev bet.

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